Research Paper Instructions

Emily Gray Advanced and Cadet Bands


Emily Gray Orchestra

If you will recall from the syllabus you received at the beginning of the school year, you are required to write a research paper once each quarter.  This paper will be due at the end of the quarter, but may be turned in any time before that.  (If you turn in the paper early be sure you let me know so that it does not get misplaced!) The purpose of the research paper is to expand your knowledge of music beyond what we can possibly cover in a rehearsal situation. There are three areas from which you may choose and about which you may write.  Before you begin your research, please get my approval on your topic, as some topics are not acceptable. Choose a topic from one of the following areas:

        1. The history and development of a particular style of music.  The only two styles I will not accept are: 1. Rap and 2. Disco.
        2. The history and development of either your instrument or an instrument you are interested in.  Legitimate instruments only.  (Don’t choose the kazoo!)
        3. A relatively famous composer.  Singer/songwriters are excluded.  Only true composers are acceptable.  Ask me if you are not sure.

      DON’T start writing before checking out your topic with me first!  If you turn in an unacceptable paper, only you will be to blame for not getting any credit. All papers must be double-spaced, preferably typed/word-processed, and at least two pages in length. No references or bibliography are necessary. If you cannot type or word-process I will accept a hand written paper PROVIDED I am able to read it.  If I can’t read it, I will not grade it. ALL papers are due by the end of the quarter.  Late papers will not be graded. Remember, this paper is a significant part of your quarter grade!