Mr. C's Guide to Practicing

1. Play a warm-up based upon the twelve-count Bb concert scale as in class.

Bb Major for Flutes, Bells, and Low Brass

C Major for Clarinets, Trumpets, and Tenor Saxes

G Major for Alto Saxes

F Major for Horns

D Major for Strings


2. Play the Bb Concert Scale in:

a. Quarter Notes

b. Eighth Notes

c. "Pepperoni Pizza" Style

3. Play any other scales that may have been covered in class in the same manner as in "2" above.

4. Scan music from class and look for difficult passages

a. Break a passage up into two to four measure sections

b. Play each section slowly aiming for accuracy

c. As the passage improves, gradually increase tempo

d. Play through entire piece making sure that you can play the difficult passages at the same tempo as the rest of the piece.